FACT (Fabrication And Construction Team) is a collaborative student designbuild studio at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, College of Architecture that engages design, fabrication, and construction projects with cultural and non-profit clients.

FACT is a forum for exploring the complex relationships between thinking (conceiving, designing, theorizing) and making. Where academic design studios focus on ideation, conceptualization, and design development, FACT explores the creative opportunities residing in the development and realization of projects. Actual Architecture Co. and FACT work closely on experimental projects and pro-bono work for communities and non-profits clients.

FACT has won numerous design awards including ACSA’s first national Design Build Award in 2013, the 2016 ACSA Collaborative Practice Award, a 2019 Progressive Architecture Award, and several national and regional awards from the American Institute of Architects. FACT projects have been published widely. At the core of FACT are projects engaging places of intersection between the production and consumption of culture – where the creators and audiences meet.

FACT was founded in 2001 by Professor Jeffrey L. Day, FAIA and frequently collaborates with Actual Architecture Company.

Working With FACT

For potential FACT partners:

Every partner has unique requirements and circumstances and FACT adapts to meet those needs; however, there are certain common themes of which potential partners (ie. clients) should be aware:

Projects must be scheduled in advance to work with the academic schedule. It is not usually possible for FACT to take on projects with short and inflexible timelines. For these, please contact Actual Architecture Co.

FACT’s primary mission is to provide educational opportunities for design students and partners play a role in this mission. Students are hard working and creative, but they are not yet professionals. The benefits to the student and the partner organization are mutual.

Most FACT project relationships are structured under a simple memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the partner organization and the College of Architecture. Each agreement is unique to the project and the partner.

FACT works with non-profit organizations, community groups, and municipalities that do not have the ability to hire a full-service design firm; as a university program, FACT must not be perceived as taking work away from the professions.

FACT projects often progress through phases with different student cohorts participating at different stages. Early design work may precede a pause for fundraising, and projects may be built in sections over months and years according to a partner’s ability to fund the work.

FACT designs and often builds portions of our projects, but we are not licensed tradespeople so certain components of each project (for example, electrical work) are installed by professionals. A central feature of FACT is our collaboration with a variety of outside experts, suppliers, and tradespeople. FACT collaborations take all forms and we are happy to build a team with our partners.

Working with FACT is exhilarating, fun, and an enormously satisfying experience!

Interested organizations should contact Jeff Day to discuss the opportunities to work with FACT.


For potential FACT students:
College of Architecture students join FACT in 4 ways: 1. in a graduate-level Master of Architecture Design\Build Studio that also enrolls students from other disciplines 2. through a repeatable elective course offering, ARCH 518; 2. through ad hoc independent study contracts for academic credit; and 3. through paid internships funded by grants or private partners. Actual Architecture Co. staff are often involved at various stages of many FACT projects to offer support and continuity for projects that span multiple semesters.


FACT & PLAIN are complementary design\build studio initiatives at the University of Nebraska. PLAIN & FACT work together on occasion and alternate years to provide students with consistent opportunities to experience design\build studios in the Master of Architecture program. Follow this link for the PLAIN details.

Project Partners

FACT has worked with  Actual Architecture Co. (formerly Min | Day) on projects for the following organizations, and on several exhibitions and installations. Some partnerships have become longterm relationships spanning multiple projects. In the process of realizing projects, FACT partners with builders, fabricators and other makers such as Cornhusker State Industries, the Nebraska State Prison’s fabrication shop management company.

Art Farm

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

Community CROPS

Jazz in June

Neighborworks Lincoln

Salina Art Center

Sandhills Institute

Sheldon Museum of Art

Sheridan County 4H Foundation

Lester F. Larsen Tractor Test & Power Museum

History Nebraska

InCOMMON Community Development

Omaha Economic Development Agency

South of Downtown Community Development Organization

Habitat For Humanity of Lincoln

Northern Ponca Housing Authority

Partners for Livable Omaha

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