Art Chapel in the News

The Art Chapel project was featured on Lincoln’s 1011NOW, KOLN/KGIN newscast. The interview with Jeff Day, Jason Griffiths and project partner Jean Stryker, “Work underway for Art Chapel in Near South neighborhood” by Madison Pitsch, aired February 24, 2023.

“Most of this building is going to be left very open as we see it now,” Jeff Day, a professor of architecture at UNL said. “We will just be adding a restroom and some other utilities and storage facilities and support structures to help people make art including furniture and ways of working, but it’s a very open-ended place. And we wanted to leave it that way. So that it’s we’re not pre-determining what people do through the architecture, but allowing their creativity to have a place.”

A new Plain-FACT, The Art Chapel will be a safe and inspiring studio for adults to explore and cultivate their creativity through art and craft instruction provided at low cost. The Art Chapel will interact with the South Downtown community, an economically depressed area in Lincoln, Nebraska with few cultural outlets, by offering gallery shows and other art-related events for the public. The 150-year old building, Lincoln’s first church structure, is being transformed from a neglected space into an asset for a struggling neighborhood. After a two-year hiatus during the pandemic, FACT & Plain Design-Build are re-engaging with The Art Chapel to complete this important building. Completion is anticipated in 2023.

The Art Chapel is a collaboration with Plain Design Build

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