Jeff Day interviewed on Lives Radio Show & Podcast

A wide-ranging interview with Jeff broadcast on Lives Radio Show & Podcast with Stuart Chittenden on Sunday, August 27 on KIOS 91.5FM, Omaha’s NPR affiliate. The show is now available as a podcast here, and on all major podcast platforms.

In the episode, architect Jeff Day talks about the role of architecture in our individual and communal existence, the cultural influences shaping our buildings, and some of the contemporary conversations in this field. Day also shares his personal influences and philosophies for designing our built environment and talks about the work of FACT and Actual Architecture Co.

eason Three of Lives tackles the big questions: What is a good life? Why are we here? How might we feel more connected? These and other big questions about how we live will be explored each week. Through intimate conversations, fascinating guests will share their spiritual, philosophical, artistic, and cultural approaches to exploring the wonders of our human experience. Join Stuart as he delves into the practical and profound possibilities of living well.

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