the NEw Attainable House reviewed in Journal of Architectural Education

The Journal of Architectural Education published a review of the NEw Attainable House exhibition. Written by Shannon Criss, the generous review states that “The exhibit challenges the viewer to consider the spectrum of pathways to attainable housing, such as funding programs, processes for zoning and policy approvals, program implementation, construction labor, and material costs.” Read the full review here.

FACT partnered with History Nebraska and 6 community development organizations to design and promote new approaches to the affordable home for communities in Nebraska. The project was inspired by Evicted, a traveling exhibition highlighting the eviction crisis across America. To accompany the national narrative, Nebraska’s Housing Stories was created to highlight statewide, historic housing issues that often become less visible factors contributing to the eviction crisis. NEw Attainable House joined this locally produced exhibition to propose Nebraska-based design solutions to the housing crisis.

Actual FACT Books has published a catalog for the exhibition containing FACT 24 design work and other content not on view in the gallery. Purchase the book here.

Full review citation: Criss, Shannon. Review of The NEw Attainable House, curated and designed by Fabrication and Construction Team (FACT), University of Nebraska-Lincoln, College of Architecture, Lincoln, NE, April – December 2021, JAE Online, March 11, 2022.

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