Adaptable House

Adaptable House seeks affordability through flexibility


Adaptable House seeks affordability through flexibility. It was designed for OEDC, an organization founded on the idea that investing in people and thoughtful, strategically sound projects can strengthen the quality of life in the community. The house transforms to suit the changing needs of North Omaha residents, working equally well as a multi-generational home, a single-family house with rentable apartment, a live-work house with space for a small business, or home for a growing family. The options allow owners to adapt to changing lives and provides opportunities to generate income, all within a compact frame that maximizes affordability.

The house is part of the FACT 24: NEw Attainable House project and featured in the NEw Attainable House exhibition open throughout 2021 at the Nebraska History Museum. Follow this link for exhibition details. A printed catalog published by Actual FACT Books is now available.

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A house design to adapt to a variety of configurations, lot types, and uses: the garage converts for a small business using a pivoting door affording access to a restroom while keeping the home private. A large ground floor bedroom with a kitchenette and separate entrance can be rented for income or occupied by extended family. The roof deck supports the future addition of a pair of bedrooms.

the neighborhood

FACT designed Adaptable House for typical infill lots in North Omaha, an historically redlined neighborhood. For more information on redlining in Omaha, see the Union for Contemporary Arts' "Undesign the Redline" programs.

The owner can realize long-term savings with sustainable design features such as geothermal heat pumps, structural insulated panel construction, and solar panels. The prototype accommodates different roof forms, various lot widths, and alternate access points including a side-entry garage for lots abutting an alley.

First Floor Plan

Project Team

FACT students:
Becca Kalhorn
Maddie Whitted

Planning student:
Vadelynn Ndembet

Ethan Boerner

Will Cox

Actual Architecture Co.
Dennis Krymuza

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