Common House

Reimagining how we live through collective housing


Partnering with nonprofit South of Downtown Community Development Organization in Lincoln, the NEw Attainable House project challenges us to reimagine the way we live through affordable shared housing. The project, located in the Near South neighborhood, introduces a new housing type where spaces are shared between residents to foster connection and support the larger community culture.

The project consists of four buildings connected with an activated landscape. The house form relates to the walk-up apartments and single-family homes located in the neighborhood by drawing elements from the surrounding residential fabric. Forms such as the Mansard roof, front porch, chimney, bay window, and even color have been abstracted to mask the modern development in a familiar language.

This project is featured in the exhibition FACT 24: NEw Attainable House

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Project Team

FACT students:
Noah Schacher
Emily Tetschner

Planning student:
Megan Patent-Nygren

Ethan Boerner

Actual Architecture Co.
Dennis Krymuza

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