Neighbor-Type House

Balancing the security of ownership and the shared values of community


Neighbor-Type maximizes land use and approaches affordability through densification and the ownership model of a community land trust. Five homes of various sizes share a 100′ x 150′ double lot. Individual families may purchase the homes while the land remains with the trust as a shared resource. The proposal strikes a balance between the security of ownership and the shared values of the community, ultimately providing access to housing in an accelerating market.

A central shared path organizes the dense site to create a gradient of public to private spaces with an outdoor gathering area at the center. At the rear of the lot the path bisects a shared carport with garbage/recycling stations fronting an existing alley. Public areas within the houses face the path while private rooms orient to the side yards or are located on the second floor. Two houses are single-floor accessible ranch-style dwellings but by maintaining equal footprints, the mix of one and two-story homes can be easily adjusted. The houses are simple and iconic with varying proportional window sizes placed according to interior functions and captured views. Roofs and walls of standing seam metal contribute to the monolithic appearance of the houses while bright-colored entry recesses (created by local artists) identify the initial homes.

This project is featured in the exhibition FACT 24: NEw Attainable House

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Project Team

FACT students:
Quinn McFadden, Jamie Schacher

Planning student:
Mohamed Gibriel

Ethan Boerner

Actual Architecture Co.:
Dennis Krymuza

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