Community CROPS

A community living room for food with a backyard garden.

  • Type Environment
  • Location Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Status Conceptual Design
  • Date Completed 2008
  • Project Partners

    Community Crops
    Ingrid Krist, Director
    Brad Kindler, Assistant Director


The new Community Food Center is a collecting point for food produced by community gardens throughout Lincoln, Nebraska. Organized by an algorithm, the garden plots ranges from small to large and adapt seasonally to the needs of users.  Public meeting space and farmers’ market share a multipurpose environment that is sustainable, enjoyable and open to the gardens in the center of a typical Lincoln neighborhood. The building is proposed as a zero-net energy facility with natural light and a cultivated garden roof. The design of the roof and floor are formally similar to the garden but parametrically optimized towards structural need. Roof members are spaced according to actual loads and control joints in the floor slab record the actual range of stresses across the open plan.

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2013 AIA Nebraska Merit Award

2010 AIA Central States Region Honor Award

2010 San Francisco Citation Award for Unbuilt Design

Project Team

Nick Pajerski, Drew Seyl, Mo Trumble

Min | Day staff

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