Hybrid House

A hybrid of housing types within a very efficient and small building


The Hybrid House provides an affordable housing option for new homeowners in Omaha, Nebraska by considering unique ownership models and flexibility for future transformation. Working within a fixed building envelope, the house grows with its occupants allowing the home to transform into an apartment duplex, a multigenerational family home, a single-family home with rentable micro-apartment, and more. Much of this transformation occurs within the 2-story open carport of the basic model. This space is built to be infilled by the owner in the future with a second-floor bedroom, bedrooms on both levels allowing the floors to be split into two apartments with separate entrances, or infilled with a rentable accessory dwelling unit with its own entrance. Many additional configurations or uses are possible.

The building utilizes advanced construction framing techniques that reduce material usage and improve thermal performance. The simple form and minimal detailing of the building envelope reduces construction cost and time while interior spaces are shaped to provide interest.

This project is featured in the exhibition FACT 24: NEw Attainable House

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Project Team

FACT students:
Weston Hanisch, Josh Weinand

Planning student:
Anna Headlee

Ethan Boerner

Actual Architecture Co.:
Dennis Krymuza

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